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Clae X Liful Capsule Collection

The clean-cut tennis sneaker trend continues, and we see Clae enter the ring joined by Korean casual wear brand, Liful. The two brands have paired to churn out a special capsule collection, with the the brands' founders swapping design duties – Clae's Sung Choi worked with Liful apparel, while Liful's Chan Ho put his touch on a Clae's Arthur silhouette.

'It's an honor to work with Clae and my Korean big brother, Sung Choi,' Chan Ho, Founder and Creative Director of Liful said. 'I have an opportunity to design what I favour and love and what Liful has not made yet:  white sneakers. I added blue and red lace tips, which are details of Liful clothing. It was fun working with Sung making this collaboration come to life.'

The Clae x Liful capsule collection is exclusively sold at Our Favorite Shop in Los Angeles; and Liful Minimal Garments, Seoul, Korea and Busan.

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