Chinatown Market Cole Haahn Suit
Chinatown Market Cole Haahn Group Shot

Chinatown Market Links with Unlikely Sneaker
Release: 7 June 2019

Style Code: N/A

Colourway: Smiley

After their designs found their way onto the feet of LeBron James, and their trolling found its way onto global headlines, Chinatown Market finessed their way into the sneaker market.

They’ve just worked with PUMA on the Ralph Samson, and shared turf with Crocs. Now they’ve linked up with a brand you wouldn’t associate with the zenith of streetwear: Cole Haan. Their take on the brand’s ZeroGrand enlists Smiley Graphics, plastering the shoe in yellow and adding a big ol’ grin to the toe box.

To grab a pair, roll through to Chinatown Market’s online store.

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