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Chef Curry Cooks Up a China-Exclusive Curry 4

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It's a bold move for teams to travel internationally in the NBA pre-season – jet lag, the desire to be a tourist in a foreign country, and the change of environment can serve as a significant and detrimental distraction for players. However, as they come off their championship high and having witnessed the phenomena of #ChinaKlay, the Golden State Warriors can afford to be bold. In keeping with this adventurous spirit, the Dubs have travelled to China to play two pre-season games against the Timberwolves in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

The Dubs lost their first game to Minnesota, but we all know that pre-season results don't have a lot of sway on how teams will perform in the regular season. What's more important than the game's result is that this pre-season game has given us a preview of some new heat from Steph Curry. Curry's signature shoe has been widely derided as a 'dad shoe' since its introduction in 2015 and, although he's now released four iterations of the shoe, the taunts haven't stopped.

Now, the mild-mannered Curry appears to be giving the middle finger to the haters. During his China trip, the Splash Brother released the hottest Curry to date: the 'More Magic' colourway. The shoe will only be available in China and a handful of Bay Area sneaker outlets, such as Shoe Palace and Footlooker. This Curry 4 features a hypnotic pattern on the upper, designed to resemble the neon lights of The Bund in Shanghai. For all those in the rest of the world who hated on the Curry 4, tough luck: you've now missed your chance to get your hands on the most aesthetically pleasing model to date.

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