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Louis Vuitton Sneaker Box Stacked
Louis Vuitton Sneaker Box Inside
Louis Vuitton Sneaker Box Full

Check Out Louis Vuitton's Stackable Sneaker Boxes

In our ‘Tips and Tricks for Storing your Kicks’ piece, we didn’t include stackable luxury cases with Louis Vuitton monograms. Hand up, that’s on us. But we’re here to inform you that, for some of you thousandaires, they are an option.

Virgil’s LV have created such a device, which includes hidden drawers and a Perspex door to display wares that better be rare, otherwise people will judge you for blowing the bank on storage.

No price has been announced – likely because if you have to ask, you can’t afford it – but Louis Vuitton will debut the sneaker boxes on December 3 in Miami.

Now ReadingCheck Out Louis Vuitton's Stackable Sneaker Boxes

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