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Chanel's SS18 Sneaker Collection Bangs

Chanel’s new sneaker collection has arrived to bolster their claim to dad-shoe royalty. Two low and two high models are available, with the raised profile building on the splayed sole of the ankle-hugging drop.

C’s come on both sides like a Frank Ocean song and ‘Chanel’ spreads across the heels to distinguish the designs from the flotsam of chunky irony on your socials. For those who can’t see the difference, it’s an originator thing. Like New Balance, Chanel have rallied for dad-shoe chic since it was called normcore, and a variety of fashion-forward sneakerheads have celebrated the style for years.

Exact release dates aren't nailed down, but there is an idea of the price. Lambskin and calfskin leather constructions, along with that classic logo, mean these sneakers will set you back between $880–$970 USD.

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