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Ceeze Crafts Classy 'Vachetta' Off-White Air Jordan 1s

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Not all Off-White customs are created equal. Custom king has taken to , coming through with a luxurious 'Vachetta' Off-White .

Inspired by iconic Japanese brand , Ceeze has made use of opulent vachetta leather across the familiar upper. Known for its ageing properties, vachetta leather is finished in a natural tan, but takes on a darker, fuller character with wear. This unique fact, coupled with the shoes’ hand-tooled crepe outsole units, creates an elegant construction suitable for the ballroom, boardroom or blacktop. Definitely one for the leather lovers!

Fan of this tan? Make sure you cop Ceeze’s 'Vachetta' Off-White Air Jordan 1 on December 1 when they hit his official website.

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