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Cash Out Your Savings for Moncler’s Horace Sneaker

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It easier than ever before to justify throwing your entire paycheck at a single pair of sneakers. Between designer brands getting in on the action and resellers making regular four-digit sales, everybody’s splashing cash for their latest ‘favourite shoe ever.’

Now, if you’re the kind of person who likes to drop the odd bundle of notes, but doesn’t want to look like something out of the pages of Italian Vogue, get on board with the Moncler Horace Sneaker. These premium made in Italy shoes have a classic athletic look and they sport one of the most coveted names in the streetwear game. The spell-out across the tongues is just the right amount of gaudy to warrant spending large sums on a white and blue sneaker. If you don't want to flex, but you secretly do, you know what to do.

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