Asics Gel Bnd Rockman Shoebox
Asics Gel Bnd Rockman Front Angle
Asics Gel Bnd Rockman Poster

Capcom and ASICS are Releasing ‘Rockman’ Edition GEL-BND

Juggernauts in their respective fields of video games and sneakers, Japanese compatriots Capcom and ASICS are collaborating on the GEL-BND. Referencing the ‘Rockman’ character – also known in the western world as ‘Mega Man’, the 1987 video game provides the blue 8-bit theme.

The shiny upper alternates between shades of dark blue, making way for the 8-bit treatment to the ASICS stripes. The best part of this release however, is the box: it references the original Japanese artwork of the game’s case!

The Capcom x ASICS GEL-BND looks like a Japanese exclusive that will trickle through various doors from November 1 – the best bet for tourists is to try Tokyo’s Capcom store which doesn’t open until November 22. All info here (best to use Google Translate).

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