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Can Nike Get Away With a TN-VaporMax Hybrid?

Nike Air Vapormax Plus 3
Nike Air Vapormax Plus 2
Nike Air Vapormax Plus 1

have been pushing the hybrids lately. They’ve with 97 uppers atop TN soles, and the around, but the response hasn’t been overly positive — probably because of the TN’s cult following.

The diehard enclave of ne’er-do-wells that champion the Air Max Plus aren’t the early adopting type. They like the TN for its rawness and aggression, and they've worn it for years; they’re going to be quick to call BS on any shoe-horned iterations that try to pitch the sneaker at new demographics.

But this Air VaporMax Plus, Nike might have nailed it. The profile takes naturally to the exoskeletal supports, and its in-your-face Air unit embodies the TN’s outlandishness. We’re not saying they should chuck a ‘Hyper Blue’ colour fade on it, but options like this ‘Triple Black’ are a step in the right direction: away from sandwiched sneakers and towards hybrid harmony.

(If this has piques your interest in footwear Frankensteins, check out our deep dive on the matter .)

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