Burberry Union Sneaker Orange Lateral
Burberry Union Sneaker Orange Top Lateral
Burberry Union Sneaker Orange Front
Burberry Union Sneaker Orange Heels

Burberry Try the Trail with the Union Sneaker
Release: 25 July 2019

Style Code: 80171291

Colourway: Orange


Like many high fashion labels dipping their toes into rugged, outdoors-inspired footwear, Burberry have hopped onto the bandwagon by offering their own take: the Union.

It is aptly named, given the shoe appears to be a union of different genres, materials and colours. For the most part, the layered nylon, canvas, leather and rubberised upper implies some off-road connotations. Then the beefy-looking midsole and outsole shows promise before the realisation comes that it’s a sneaker placing form before function.

That said, giving Burberry $750 puts the Union into an undeniable bracket of luxury trail-ish shoe. And not many sneakers earn that particular title.


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