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'Bricks' Are the Foundation of Modern Sneaker Culture

Are you in love with luxury link-ups? Perhaps you’re drunk on the Dunk? Either way, it’s easy to get tunnel vision when it comes to sneaker releases in this day and age. The hypometer has reached unseen levels and, frankly, it doesn’t look like regressing anytime soon.

The release playbook has been rewritten in recent years, so it’s easy to forget the drops that make the sneakersphere go round: the GRs!

Bricks are the foundation of modern sneaker culture, and continue to provide a stable base for those without any luck, a plug, or a bot.

Air jordan 1 mid royal
air jordan 1 lows
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Believe it or not, as recently as 10 years ago, you would’ve been able to walk into your local sneaker store to pick up a fresh pair of Air Jordan 1s or Dunks – at retail, of course! However, when it comes to the contemporary landscape, the script has been completely flipped, with seemingly every new colourway ambushed by a battalion of bots. That said, this isn’t a rant about the current state of affairs. This is actually an opportunity to give some love to the ‘bricks’ – the general release goodies that continue to make the sneakersphere go round.

Case in point: the Air Jordan 1 Mid. Once condemned to sale racks and outlets, the Mid – and in some cases, the Low – has now been brought into the spotlight, mostly thanks to the overwhelming popularity of its higher-cut predecessor. No longer mocked for its lesser stature, the AJ1 Mid and Low are now two of the most prolific silhouettes in modern sneaker culture – and they’re only getting better. Certainly aware of the current economy, Jordan Brand are bringing more iconic colourways to the Mid, with retros of the Low also returning to bolster the roster.

Sure, they may not hit the same way as a ‘Shattered Backboard’ AJ1 High, but these more accessible releases have given a new legion of sneaker fiends an opportunity to show their 1 love.

new balance 990v5 on foot
ghost racer on wood

Another brand to master the GR game is New Balance, who keep their inventory perennially stocked with plenty of easy-to-cop heaters. In between the sought-after colabs and limited edition drops, NB have built a reputation for quality and craftsmanship with their Made in USA and Made in England lineups. The 990 is a prime example of their ability to appeal to the masses, all the while pleasing the most devoted ‘heads. Readily available, the silhouette’s lineup evolves year-on-year, coming through with updated tech and looks without sacrificing the 990 spirit. It’s perfect for those who prefer heritage over hype.

Similarly, Nike have a legendary archive to call on, and retros such as the recent Ghost Racer continue to warm the hearts of those with historic inclinations. Meanwhile, the cultural juggernaut that is the Air Max Plus is showing no signs of disappearing into the background, with new colourways seemingly appearing week-on-week. And, let’s not forget the rest of the ever-evolving Air Max family. The bubble ain’t deflating on those releases anytime soon.

Your love of sneakers shouldn’t be dependent on luck. If you’re sick and tired of Ls, perhaps you just need a new perspective. Great general release sneakers are out there – and they’re rotation-ready right now! We all love a killer collaboration, but you can remove a whole lotta stress from your sneaker search by taking a trip to Brick City.

Don’t you feel better already?

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