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Bodega X Reebok Pump 25th Anniversary (1989)

'The Golden Era' is an overused phrase wrapped up in the nostalgia of the 'good old days', which every generation likes to pull out to describe a time in the past when they saw something that the yung'inz haven't. Whether it's the golden era of wealth waste that was the roaring 20s, or the golden era of casual sex in the sixties; every facet of life seems to have a moment when it peaked, and the only commonality between the high times is that they're always in the past. You can never really tell when something is at boiling point until it has cooled down, when it is perceived to decline in quality or lose its 'edge'. Although kids schmoney dancing and 'ballin' out in plastic gold chains today would probably disagree with you; whatever encyclopaedia we will be referencing in the future will probably call the the late 80s and early 90s the 'golden era' for basketball and hip hop. Boston retailer Bodega have narrowed down the glory days even further, calling out 1989 as the decisive year. This is how they explained it..

The year is 1989. The Detroit Pistons sweep the Lakers, 4-0 to win the franchise's first championship. Rap music hits a golden era with the releases like De La Soul's Three Feet High And Rising & Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique. Basketball reaches its cultural zenith and Reebok changes the game with the launch of The Reebok Pump.,

They haven't given us much of an explanation about the materials, but the colour palette definitely sums up the fashion of the time. It looks like gold rubber bits, furry burgundy suede, plus black and grey leather and suede forges this impressive Pump. Peep the pics above to see if you dig it.

The Bodega x Reebok Pump 25th Anniversary ‘1989' will be available in-store and online at on November 15th.

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