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Big Baller Brand Independence Day Collection

Last we heard from Big Baller Brand they were demanding big baller dollars for the Lakers-themed ,ZO2. And whaddya know, they’re at it again. For Independence Day, the brand has released three new colourways that we’re calling ‘no surprises there’ red, white and blue. We gotta say, though, the shoe looks far more appealing and less like Grimace’s slippers when washed in monochromatic colours of the American flag. Aglets and heel branding in gold lend subtle pops; however, they'd want to be a few carats for the shoe's asking price (which they're not).

You can preorder the new colourways now from Big Baller Brand and expect delivery late November or early December. Condolences to those size 13 and up – genetics have bumped your bill an extra $200 USD.

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