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Bespoke IND Made Custom Air Jordan 1s For Drake

Bespoke Drake Aj1 9 Sqre

With Drake leaving his ends to go pon road Down Under for the Boy Meets World tour, Melbourne’s BespokeIND created custom Jays to give him a taste of their hometown.

The artisan sneaker splicers skinned an AJ1 in fine animal hides dyed for Canada’s flag. A maple motif takes a leaf out of Drake’s book by reinforcing the Canuck connection, and a patch buttoned to the heel wears OVO branding styled for the 6 God’s favourite terrace wear.

The customs came in a lush Lyx leather drawstring bag, but they're best kept out of it lest their crown jewels be hidden — solid, 18-karat gold lace deubrés by LaceSpace are decorated with actual diamonds to cap off that footwear bling.

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