Beauty & Youth Simplify the adidas Campus

Japanese label Beauty & Youth are masters of simplicity. Which is why their latest exclusive adidas Campus doesn’t reveal much to the naked eye. Despite being a very straightforward model, B&Y figure out it can be made even more to the point by rendering it (almost) all-black.

But this isn’t just any blacked-out school shoe special. If you’ve ever handled Beauty & Youth’s garments, you’ll know they appreciate the finer things in life. So, it comes as no surprise this Campus is dressed in fine, slightly polished leather. The insides are suitably upgraded with smooth material and goldfoil stamped insoles. The gilt detailing follows on the tongue label, lateral branding, and stamped heel. Elsewhere, it’s an all-black affair on the laces and rubber midsole. And, that’s all there is to it!

Hold on – could this be a very obscure vintage adi reference? At least someone at SF thinks so. This all-black with gold branding combo could in fact be a homage to the Official model, a referee-friendly sneaker with linked lineage to the more well-known Stan Smith. In fact, one Rick Deckard/Harrison Ford wore black Officials in the original 1982 Blade Runner. Google it – you’ll see.

Anyway, the modern Beauty & Youth adidas Campus can be pre-ordered direct from the source – but, like most of their drops, it’s a Japan-only affair.,

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