The New BAPE SK8 STA Doesn’t Need to Ollie
Release: 27 November 2021

Colourway: Pink/Grey

Some of BAPE’s earliest success in the footwear realm was predicated on designs that paid heavy homage to iconic sneaker models. That creative process has worked well for them for over 20 years now, so, with no reason to change, here’s the latest SK8 STA. Again drawing on another famous shoe from the 1980s, BAPE have changed just enough that it technically qualifies as a new design.

BAPE have never pretended to offer the best performing shoes or claim their designs are purpose made. So there’s a refreshing air of irreverence, nonchalance perhaps, about the fact they’re showing off the SK8 STA here as a skate shoe both by name and nature. This is likely with complete self-awareness that their core customer likely won’t ever touch grip tape with these shoes. Which may explain the pink and black colourway that definitely won’t look so pretty after a few kickflips. That being said, the other all-suede navy and grey option does look a little more qualified to spend some time down at the local half-pipes. As the action shots above demonstrate, it looks like the SK8 STA works perfectly fine as a skate shoe. It’s more a question of whether those who drop the $309 retail on a pair will be brave enough to scuff that toe box.

The new BAPE SK8 STA colourways will be available at BAPE from November 27.

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