BAPE SK8 STA February 2023
BAPE SK8 STA February 2023
BAPE SK8 STA February 2023

BAPE Defiantly Drop Three New SK8 STAs
Release: 10 February 2023

BAPE may be in the midst of a Nike lawsuit right now over intellectual property infringements, but it doesn’t look like they’re cancelling releases any time soon. Three new SK8 STAs are on the way in tonal colours – likely to the chagrin of their Portland plaintiffs.

Depending on who you ask, it can be argued that the SK8 STA is heavily influenced, and perhaps even derivative of, 1980s basketball shoes. After all, the Japanese brand (which has been part of Hong Kong conglomerate I.T since 2011) are being accused of drawing the SK8 STAs design from the Nike Dunk. There are certainly plausible visual similarities between the models. Still, BAPE did go to the trouble of changing out the Swoosh for their STA logo, plus some additional hardware like an external heel clip reading ’93’ in reference to their founding year.

The latest trio in the regularly scheduled releases sees green, grey and coral colourways in simple leather executions. There’s a bit of contrast on each pair by way of black shoe laces and accented panel edging. The green pair also features a very subtle gradient on the toe cap and mid-panel.

The new SK8 STAs will be available via BAPE from February 10.

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