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Bally Go Buck Wild with the ‘Animals’ Collection!
Release: 3 May 2018

Style Code: N/A

Colourway: Corvette

Swiss fashion house Bally is re-releasing one of its most legendary collections. Launched in 1991 to celebrate the Swiss Federation’s 700th anniversary, the ‘Animals’ pack was a quirky smash hit in some rather unexpected locations.

Bally’s credentials as a status symbol have long been recognised – even in East Coast hoods dating back to the 1980s. Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick were lyrically vocal in their support of the brand, but the Animals collection put things into overdrive – especially in New Orleans where rapper Bust Down’s ‘Putcha Ballys On’ became an anthem.

To give some of that local love back, Bally are returning to their spiritual hip hop home by releasing the ‘Animals’ collection to coincide with the world-famous New Orleans Jazz Festival.

An apparel capsule will follow, but first up we’re taking a closer look at the low-cut Anistern and high-top Alpistar models. Luscious lamb leather is embroidered with the same kooky logo that whipped heads in the 90s, while a bovine herd circles the midsole as a nod to the transitional alpine seasons.

Smart, casual and culturally connected, the Animals are available right now from Bally!

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