Balenciaga Speed Trainer Laced 3 Sneaker Freaker
Balenciaga Speed Trainer Laced Sneaker Freaker
Balenciaga Speed Trainer Laced2 Sneaker Freaker
Balenciaga Speed Laced Sneaker Freaker

Balenciaga's Speed Trainer Learns to Tie Laces

It was bound to happen: 2017's beloved Balenciaga Speed Trainer is growing up. The trainer is about to turn one and, in an impressive feat of dexterity for its age, it has already learned how to tie its shoelaces.

While this laced-up version is officially dubbed the 'Lace-Up Knit Sock Sneaker', don't let the name fool you. This really is just a Speed Trainer with laces. It sports the comfy knitted sock upper that we've come to love from the luxury sneaker, as well as a black rubber sole and some very bright yellow laces (perhaps taking cues from Yeezy's 'Semi Frozen Yellow'?)

If you've got a stack of cash all tied up and ready to drop on the Lace-Up Knit Sock Sneaker, head over to stores like Saks now before sizes sell out.

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