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Balenciaga Triple S Gets Clean in 'Cream'

Balenciaga Triple S Cream Sneakerfreaker5
Balenciaga Triple S Cream Sneaker Freaker11
Balenciaga Triple S Cream Sneakerfreaker4

You know when you hear a new song by an artist you love and think ‘urgh, that sucks.’ But then a few more listens seems to somehow completely flip your initial opinion? Well, the Triple S has performed that same sneaky wizardry on our like/dislike receptors.

Initially offended by the sneaker’s ‘pre-distressed’ and ‘love-worn’ grubbiness, we softened at the sight of ‘Cream,’ which looks less ‘loved’ – aka far cleaner – than the other colourways, and stands as a shoe we could wear to mum’s without making her cry.

If you’re keen on copping the triple-stacked sneaker (you’ll need fat stacks to do so), head to END and raffle up.

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