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Balenciaga Sees Double with Two New Track Sneakers

Balenciage Track Sneaker Black Lateral
Balenciage Track Sneaker Black Front
Balenciage Track Sneaker Black Rear
Balenciage Track Sneaker Orange Lateral
Balenciage Track Sneaker Orange Front
Balenciage Track Sneaker Orange Rear

latest golden goose – the  – is starting to do the rounds, introducing new season colourways atop its multilayered construction.

With a mesh inner layer, then two cored-out leather layers atop a technical-looking midsole and lightly-treaded outsole, these shoes are definitely more fashion than they are function.

However, credit to Balenciaga for introducing a rather original design to the market, at the behest of cashed-up customers ready to splash out on luxe sneakers.

These are available right now in a predominately orange and grey number, or a more-familiar black and red – as previously seen on just about every sneaker ever.

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