Balenciaga Track Sneaker Lakers Lateral
Balenciaga Track Sneaker Lakers Medial
Balenciaga Track Sneaker Lakers Front

Balenciaga Left a Track Leading to Los Angeles
Release: 13 September 2019

Style Code: 568614W2GN35164

Colourway: Yellow/Grey/Purple

By that, we mean this Track.2 sneaker looks like it’s borrowed the legendary purple and gold livery of the LA Lakers.

For a sneaker as wild as Balenciaga’s multilayered oddity, the balanced distribution of yellow and grey, with just a splash of purple, works quite well.

According to the Spanish fashion house, the upper is comprised of 176 panels, and the segmented heel supposedly assists with some propulsion.

You’re welcome to find out for yourself, for just the addition of $895 into Balenciaga’s coffers.

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