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BAIT Flex the Entire Dragon Ball Z x adidas Collection

Hype power-levels reached insane heights over the weekend, as the ZX500 RM ‘Goku’ and Yung-1 ‘Frieza’ from the Dragon Ball Z x adidas collection finally hit shelves. To celebrate the drop, retailer BAIT have given us the best look we’ve seen of the entire collection to date.

Showcasing all seven models alongside matching DBZ Pop Vinyl collectables, the images give us a detailed peep at the upcoming Deerupt ‘Gohan’, Ultra Tech ‘Vegeta’, Prophere ‘Cell’, Kamanda ‘Majin Buu’ and EQT Support ADV ‘Shenron’. The collection’s special packaging is also on display, with all seven boxes stacked to form an over-9000 display featuring the heroes and villains in battle.

BAIT also held a special release pop-up for the ‘Goku’ and ‘Frieza’ drop, proving that they’re true DBZ diehards. Featuring a ‘Scream Like Goku’ competition, video games, and cosplay among other festivities, you can check out the video below to see what went down.

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