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Babochka X Saucony Collection

Stranger things have happened in the world of sneakers, but I never thought Saucony retro runners could ever become the canvas for a high fashion collaboration in my lifetime. I'm not throwing shade on the mighty S, but let's just say it wouldn't be the first brand to come to mind when I think of luxury fashion trainers! But here we are, luxury Russian boutique Babochka will be releasing two shoes at its concept store opened during Vogue's Fashion's Night Out in St. Petersburg tonight. The first shoe is a simple navy Shadow 6000 sitting on top of a two-tone midsole with purple, orange and turquoise highlights inside the intergrated S logo, while the summery Jazz Original sports an upper that features stylised portraits of a various pop culture icons, ranging from Daft Punk to Karl Lagerfeld. Visit the ,nevsky 152 concept store tonight to score this very special Saucony collection.

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