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ASICS Introduces 'scratch And Sniff' Pack

Asics Scratch And Sniff Pack Thumb
Asics Scratch And Sniff Pack 5
Asics Scratch And Sniff Pack 4
Asics Scratch And Sniff Pack 3
Asics Scratch And Sniff Pack 2
Asics Scratch And Sniff Pack 1

Last we spilled our beans over the appetising , and now the full backstory behind this release has been revealed. The Coffee will be joined by two other side snacks, to form the 'Scratch and Sniff' pack. Alongside the , we get a solid look at the partnering blueberry-inspired and the strawberry-inspired , all of which are reminiscent and draw reference from scratch and sniff sticker packs that were hugely popular with kids throughout the 70s and 80s. Opting for a soft suede construction on the upper, all three are cleanly executed, utilising perforated panelling, tonal lacing and slick embossing to bring the trip home. Our pick of the litter is the gorgeous 'Blueberry' Gel Sagas; but no matter which pair you prefer, all three are available right now from sneaker spots, including the UK's Urban Industry.

Writers note: Unfortunately, scratching and sniffing a pair of these will not generate any of the desired flavours as mentioned above. You can't win 'em all, fam!

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