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GEL technology has been at the core of ASICSTIGER's running offering for more than three decades. And now we’re seeing a whole new take on the tech with the GEL-Lyte V SANZE.

The design is based on the classic GEL-Lyte V, which has been a fan favourite since its release in the early 90s. Looking beyond its sleek, contemporary aesthetic, the major difference with this release is its GEL sealant, which takes the brand’s proprietary technology to a whole new level.

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Traditionally, the shock-absorbing goop in the soles of ASICSTIGER sneakers has been tucked away out of sight. However, the GEL-Lyte V SANZE flaunts its fabled cushioning beneath the heel in a resin-coated capsule. The GEL within the heel provides ample comfort when you’re on the go, while the resin sealant outside combines support and stability for a dreamy ride. Add to that a mono-sock upper, wraparound lacing system and a smooth forefoot, and you’ve got yourself a sneaker with comfort out the wazoo.

The new Counter Pack contains three easy-to-wear colourways constructed using masses of mesh supported by supple suede panels. The contrasting heel counters on each of the shoes emphasises the new tech that lies below, ensuring the latest addition to the ASICSTIGER family looks as good as it feels.

The ASICSTIGER GEL-Lyte V SANZE Counter Pack is available now via the ASICSTIGER web store.

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