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ASICS Announce The Return Of The GEL-Mai

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Asics Gel Mai Retro 6
Asics Gel Mai Retro 5
Asics Gel Mai Retro 4
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Asics Gel Mai Retro 1

UPDATE: Devised in the 90s as an orthopaedic running sneaker, laterally-laced has returned for a modern audience that appreciates its off-kilter stylings for different reasons. The quirky build is sure to appeal to anyone searching for something unique to add to their collection, and these new shots exemplify just how good the shoe can look on-foot.

Look for both the 'Black/White' and 'Blue/Black' versions to land on April 13 at retailers like 43einhalb.

Way back in 1990, caused a storm with their rugged, asymmetrically laced . The technically triumphant running shoe was a hit with sneakerheads and athletes, although not everyone could come to grips with its progressive design. Nearly three decades later the GEL-MAI is making a comeback, and the once-futuristic silhouette now gives us everything we’re after in a forward-thinking retro model. Up the top the mesh construction features a structural overlay, creating a pouch-like form that cradles the foot. While underneath, there’s a chunky midsole that provides plenty of cushioning, with an eye-catching Tiger Stripe jewel embedded in the heel. Through the lens of hindsight, it’s easy to see why this technical runner was so far ahead of its time – it looks like it could have been designed yesterday.

The ASICS GEL-MAI will be available from select ASICS stockists on April 13.

– Originally published on April 5, 2017


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