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Raven Fg S E15 Light Grey 5750
Raven Fg S E15 Light Grey 5664
Eagle Zero Braided S E15
Eagle Zero Braided S E15 Green Fog Creme
,Eagle Zero Suede S E15 Black Gum
Raven Fg 2 0 S E15 Triple Black
Raven Nubuck S E15 Soft Army Creme 1
Raven Fg 2 0 S E15 Disrupted Peach 2
Raven Mesh S E15 White Peach 4
Pythron S E15 White Light Grey
Eagle Zero Suede S E15 Black Gum 3
Spyqon H X1 Line Up

ARKK Unveil New 'Slow Future' Collection

ARKK’s new ‘Slow Future’ line celebrates deceleration; that is, taking time to stop and smell the blomster (yes, that’s 'flowers' in Danish) and paying more attention to the solnedgang and sommerfugle ('sunset' and 'butterflies' for those playing along at home).

The Copenhagen-based brand’s spring/summer 2018 collection features the minimalist feet treats such as the Eaglezero S-E15 in two enticing iterations; one a detail-driven, texturally rich ‘Braided’ build; the other boasting sophisticated suede. The ultra-futuristic Pythron S-E15 and the Raven S-E15 also feature; the latter rocking several new looks across various tweaks of the OG.


Supplementing the ‘Slow Future’ onslaught, ARKK will also drop a ‘Nordic Camo’ capsule on January 31. The Raven Mesh S-E15, Eaglezero Mesh S-E15 and Pythron Mesh S-E15 will each wear a Nordic-landscape inspired pattern digitally designed pixel by pixel – a creative process of more than 100 hours!

‘Slow Future’ will begin hitting stores on January 11 with fresh drops staggered through the month and into February. Check in with your local stockist or hit up ARKK’s online store and peruse the range in full.

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