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Arkk Boa Hypertrex Release
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ARKK Link up with BOA for Sneaker Minimalism

Copenhagen label ARKK linked up with Boa to reveal the Hypertrex FG Boa W13, a design that pairs minimalism with advanced sneaker tech. Built with micro-adjustable dials, nylon wires and a click-to-tie lacing system, the unisex silhouette is fitted with a knitted upper to provide a sock-like fit.

Co-founder Kasper Høj Rasmussen noted the juxtaposition between tech and style in a recent interview. He said, 'With the incorporation of Boa, we were able to give the Hypertrex not only an element of practical, high-quality tech, but also add an aesthetic dimension that fits perfectly in line with the ARKK DNA.',

The sneaker is available now for $230 from ARKK Copenhagen.

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