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Are Nike Finally Releasing the LeBron 3 'Christ the King'?

With the new NBA season rapidly approaching, we are eagerly awaiting the debut of the first ever Lakers-themed LeBrons. However, it seems that Nike aren't just looking to the future for King James' big return — they also apparently have big plans to revisit the past. Recently leaked images obtained by sinshouhin, suggest that Nike will be finally releasing the LeBron 3 'Christ the King' to the public for the first time.

The LeBron 3 'Christ the King' was first produced in 2006 as an exclusive PE make-up for the member's of NYC-based high school Christ the King's basketball team — along with a few additional pairs made for friends and family. The special edition sneakers feature a white, gold and burgundy colour scheme in line with the school's colours, along with the initials 'CTK' embroidered near the toe.

At this stage Nike have not officially confirmed a public release of the LeBron 3 'Christ the King', but with official Nike images doing the rounds, we think there is some credibility to the rumours. We'll keep you posted!

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