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Another 'skulls' Air Max Has Surfaced

Nike Air Max 95 Skulls 6Nike Air Max 95 Skulls 6
Nike Air Max 95 Skulls 5
Nike Air Max 95 Skulls 4
Nike Air Max 95 Skulls 3
Nike Air Max 95 Skulls 2
Nike Air Max 95 Skulls 1
Nike Air Max 1 Skulls 1 1

Another skull-sporting  has surfaced, and the mystery around its meaning deepens. When the Air Max 1 , we thought it was maybe a fresh take on the ‘Skulls’ release from 2007 that paid tribute to Steve Prefontaine’s alma mater. Though now that a fraternal Air Max 95 has shown up, things aren't so clear.

Twitter chatter has offered one particularly strong theory: these could be a colab. A sneaker cloaked in black with ominous branding does slot into their repertoire nicely, and the premium materials do hint at a colab release. While the link is strong, many others are reporting this as a 'Rebel Skulls' release. But given Nike haven't yet weighed in, the plot only thickens.

Whatever the case, this mysterious Nike Air Max 95 is slated for a September release. Stay tuned for more details.

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