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Anonymous X Unheardof X Nike SB Dunk Hi (Oakland)

There is a good chance many of the cats reading this right now weren't even born by 1990. Good chance a lot of the cool-cats reading this would have no idea who won the 1990 Baseball World Series, but, you're all gonna get a quick history right now. Back in 1990, the then heavily favoured and defending champs Oakland A's went up against the underrated Cincinnati Reds in a battle of the ages. Unfortunately for the favoured A's, the Reds swept the series four games straight – sometimes that's the way the cookie crumbles. Even with a young Jose Canseco (father of Josie) in prime form, it wasn't enough for the A's to stop the steamrolling by the Reds.

Now jump forward to 2015. Cincinnati local skate shops Anonymous and Unheardof have joined forces with Nike SB to commemorate the great duel with this pair of Dunk Highs. Trimmed up in the Oakland colours of Stadium Green and Speed Yellow, baseball-inspired stitched tags hang proudly on the tongue and a special honorary USA flagged rests proudly on the lower heel. We know a whole bunch of the trendsetters are moving away from the skate styles, but this colour-up should be enough to have you running back to grab your board and Oakland jersey.

While you await the December 8 global release date, you can relive every minute of that clinching game 4 defeat of the 'Brother-Bash-led' Oakland A's by the Cincinnati Reds in its entirety below – how's that for page engagement!

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