Nb990 V4 On Foot
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An On-Foot Look at the New 990v4
Release: 6 January 2018

Style Code: N/A

Colourway: Grey/Navy

New Balance's 990v4 represents 35 years of cutting-edge running shoe research and technology. Its purebred pedigree has allowed each iteration of the 99x line to make slight adjustments, building gradually towards the refined runner we relish today.

Just like you wouldn’t confine a wild animal to a cage, it would be an unforgivable act to leave the 990v4 collecting dust on a shelf - it was born to run free. The silhouette exudes energy with its dynamic lines and solid stance. A series of overlapping nubuck panels wrap the quarter and toe in NB's signature understated elegance, while measured doses of mesh allow the foot to flex and breathe.,

The 990v4's engineered structure provides ample support for a strong and stable stride and/or strut. In addition, the shoe’s sole unit utilises an advanced version of New Balance’s ENCAP sole, which has evolved and improved in step with the 99x line over the decades. This latest edition makes use of advanced PU and EVA polymers and modern manufacturing techniques to combine the two with precision.

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Nb990 V4 On Foot 4

If you let a pair of these Made in USA mainstays into your life, be warned, they demand a walk/run at least once a day – are you sure you can handle the responsibility?

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