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Alumni X FILA Overpass (Beef Patty)

We're pretty well covered for food here at SF HQ, so until now it hasn’t occurred to us that there aren’t any Jamaican food vendors nearby. In fact, the golden parcel of pastry, which has provided the inspiration for this colab between Alumni and FILA, remains a mystery to us. If it’s good enough to inspire a shoe as fresh as this, then perhaps it’s time we hunted some down.

The Brookly based boutique have wrapped FILA’s Overpass runner with pigskin suede, golden brown just like a beef patty's flakey cladding. A line of indentations across the toe mimics the edges where the pastry is pressed together to seal in the seasoned beef. Accents hint towards the parcels contents, while the insole has been covered in beefy brown. Flip the shoe on its head and you can see a cartoonish image of the patty scattered beneath a clear outsole, likely to induce salivation each time you check to see if you stood in something suspicious.

The Alumni x FILA Overpass ‘Beef Patty’ doesn’t have an official launch date just yet, keep and eye on Alumni for more info on this tasty treat.

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