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Drop Details: Allen Iverson’s Reebok Question Mid

Allen Iverson Reebok Question Mid
Allen Iverson Reebok Question Mid
Allen Iverson Reebok Question Mid

One of Allen Iverson’s most esteemed silhouettes, the Reebok Question Mid has helped power the resurgence of AI’s signature models of late.

Defined by their Hexalite hexagonal cushioning, the full-grain leather uppers are this time off-set by the solid black toe, while the white uppers and smokey outsoles present a classic composition to the design.

Still, the historical context of the Question Mid is just as impressive as the design itself. Immortalised by the moment a then-rookie Allen Iverson crossed over Michael Jordan, the Reebok Question ushered in Iverson’s epic Rookie of the Year title in 1996-97. Iverson was a fan of the Air Jordan 11 during his Georgetown years, so Reebok designer Scott Hewett took cues from the iconic Jay, incorporating a ghillie lacing system, toe-cap overlays, and translucent outsoles.

The Reebok Question Mid has already arrived at European retailers for $140. Expect a Stateside release over the coming weeks.

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