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Alleged: Lawsuit Forces adidas to Abandon Iniki's Name

So 'Iniki' as a name is no longer. Instead, the 70s-inspired runner will now be known as the ‘I-5923.'

Released earlier in 2017, the Iniki Runner’s pairing of retro stylings and new-gen tech positioned it perfectly to lead adidas' lifestyle takeover. The sneaker hadn’t been out a week before dedicated Instagram accounts began flaunting its small run of colourways. A Neighborhood colab launched the model onto social feeds and feet the world over, but then the fledgling classic-in-the-making tapered off. Until last week, that is, when the model returned as the I-5923.

Confused fans turned to the adidas insider-info experts, who shed a little light on the mystery.

Looking at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Yeezy Mafia's response holds weight. A ,trademark for the Iniki name was filed on February 21 by adidas AG, but then abandoned in May — roughly the same period of time it took the Iniki’s star to rise and fall. Three other trademarks have been filed under similar names but none are running. So if someone has brought the gavel down on the Three Stripes, it’s unclear what product they’re protecting.

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