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Nike Air Max 90 Dmb Spacepink Thumb
Nike Air Max 90 Dmb Spacepink
Nike Air Max 90 Dmb Spacepink 2
Nike Air Max 90 Dmb Spacepink 3
Nike Air Max 90 Dmb Spacepink 4

Air Max 90 Dmb (Spacepink)

Whoa! We see so many Air Max models during our daily RSS trawling, it's hard to find one that really jumps out at us. But when this bubblegum-coloured scaly AM90 popped up this morning, we had to do a double take before we realised it's definitely more special than the regular 90s we find in everyday. Details are scarce right now, but it seems like Nike have equipped the beloved runner with a TPU shell similar to the ASICS Tiger Gel Evo we saw earlier in the year, all dipped in a bright 'Spacepink' hue. The 'HAI' lace plates and insole hints that it might be a special Shanghai exclusive QS release, but we'll leave the speculation for the other guys, let's wait until more info surfaces! Let's just hope there's more colourways to come, the Air Max 90 DMB might be the most exciting 25th anniversary release so far! Pics via ,stmr.

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