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Air Jordan Xx8 Origami Angle 1
Air Jordan Xx8 Origami Profile 1
Air Jordan Xx8 Origami Upper 1

Air Jordan Xx8 (Origami)

The Air Jordan XX8 is like MJ in college – it's full of huge potential but still needs to prove it can maintain longevity beyond the initial shock and awe of that first sighting. We've started to see the silhouette come into its own with a slew of camo colourway releases and now we may have got sight of the future beyond that classic pattern. This 'Origami' model plants a disorienting black and silver arrangement on a white, gold and black midsole. Gold strips on the zippers and gold flecks on the lower white midsole provide added bling. We sure hope this one makes it out of the concept room and onto the streets and feet soon. Stay tuned to Sneaker Freaker for updates as soon as we know. Thanks to Sneaker News for the pics.

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