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Air Jordan Shine (Pure Platinum)

Jordan Brand's slightly controversial luxury model, the Air Jordan Shine is arriving soon in the inevitable all-white do-over. Controversial because it's incredibly expensive for a (retail) Jordan, and is of questionable taste to many Jordanheads, but JB are kicking on with the colourways, so there must be some peeps out there digging 'em. There's not much to this one, and minimalism is the point, white leather all over, sitting pretty on top of a white sole, with white laces pulling it all together. Oh, there is some tidy tan leather poking through from the lining too, and it's a pretty essential inclusion to forge the luxury feels. Next weekend, Saturday, September 27, is the date to circle and head to dem high class retailers if you want this, or if you've got even more cashola, get a pre-release pair on ,AJ Sole.

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