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Air Jordan Shine (Blackout)

Alongside the Varsity Red Shine edition, Jordan Brand are looking to pry open the luxury sneaker market with this blacked-out drop. The Future model is a pretty tight package, but we're not quite one hundred percent sold on this one. The finish looks pretty nice in these photos, but then again these are some pretty damn nice images, period. After being stung too many times by pleather, questionable finishes, instant-cracking midsole paints etc, what we'd like to see is Jordan Brand getting their general release quality control in check before they start launching rockets like this. Anyways, with all the exclusivity, limited releases and hefty price tags that the brand has been pumping out for years, don't all Jordan releases already come under the 'luxury' banner? If you're looking to hop on-board this bulldozer you'll be able to drop all your cash at select Jordan Brand stockists, including Sneaker Politics, from Saturday July 26th.

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