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Is The Air Jordan 6 'pantone' Coming?

UPDATE: Naughties rap star Fabolous has taken to Instagram to stunt in a pre-release pair of Pantones. He's been called out for harbouring fakes, and the filter does make these Js look a lot bluer than we thought they would, but our money is on these being legit. Speaking of money, how does Fabolous still make money? He ain't had a hit for ages and doesn't seem to do too much else with his time other than live a life of leisure – did this dude manage his money real good 'cos he knew the glory days wouldn't last? Props be to prudent Loso, props.

Earlier this year, a glimpse of a 'Pantone' Air Jordan 11 got sneakerheads freaking, but we haven't seen anything come of it yet on the streets. Strengthening the case for it to be part of a legit pack release, we've now seen this like-minded Air Jordan 6 surface online. Taking the same baby blue on white and ice treatment as the 11, the combo looks dope on the 6 silhouette. These look far too fresh to be fake, here's hoping we get more info on the pack soon. Pics via Baitsneakershow and eBay (listing sold).

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