Air Jordan 4 30Th Anniversary 6
Air Jordan 4 30Th Anniversary 5
Air Jordan 4 30Th Anniversary 4
Air Jordan 4 30Th Anniversary 3
Air Jordan 4 30Th Anniversary 2
,Air Jordan 4 30Th Anniversary 1
Air Jordan 4 Retro Laser7
Air Jordan 4 Retro Laser5
Air Jordan 4 Retro Laser4
Air Jordan 4 Retro Laser3
Air Jordan 4 Retro Laser2
Air Jordan 4 Retro Laser

Air Jordan 4 (30th Anniversary)

UPDATE: Still no official photos just yet – and honestly we don't expect them – but these latest flicks from Marqueesole are mighty enticing. Browse through them above, and if your super eager – which we suggest you shouldn't be just yet – you can cop from them for a whopping $800 odd clams!

Next year marks the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan series. Whether that will be celebrated as a big milestone for Jordan Brand remains to be seen – 23 was always been the most important number to the JB team – but we know already to expect a double pack of laser etched Js. An Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 4 with an intricate laser etched pattern and beaming reflective details will drop in 2015, and we get a decent look here at the AJ4 part of the equation. Expect more pics and info soon. Pics via US11husta.

- Originally publishe November 17, 2014.

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