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Air Jordan 11 'black Leather' Sample Surfaces

You've got to start from the bottom when considering why the Air Jordan Future has been a decent hit with Jordanheads this year. It's an old soul, for sure, and that comes from the Air Jordan 11 icy sole sitting proud down below. There's a fever for the AJ11 and the only prescription is getting more of them, but what if the design was slightly different? Instagrammer Randy Fernandez has posted photos of what he's calling a 'prototype' of a black leather 11 that was probably developed way back (although it has aged very well – ooh, mystery), and it has some key distinctions from what ended up hitting stores. The black patent leather still rides the rand, but instead of the nylon upper, there's soft black leather subbed in, and instead of that delicate undulating midsole there's a chunk of funk redolent of a Pippen sneak. Would you have the same love for the 11 if it looked like this? We're pretty happy things panned out the way they did.

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