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Air Jordan 1 Gg Purplegrey Thumb
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Air Jordan 1 High Gg (Purple/Grey)

As sneaker culture further acknowledges women, it's refreshing to see girl's sizing options become more widely available in popular sneakers. Maybe one day sneaker blogs won't refer to every women's shoe as 'a shoe to buy your bae', like a lady's tastes are always arbitrated by whatever man they're with, but for now, young ladies can at least stoke on shoes like this.

This Nike Air Jordan 1 in girl's grade sizing starts the sneaker love young. Most of the shoe plays out a binary of grey tones over perforated and regular ol' smooth leather, while purple pops off the Swoosh, Jordan branding, and laces. Girls, and boys with little feet and mad swag, you can grab this shoe at Nohble.

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