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Air Jordan 1 High Gg Ghost Green 1
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Air Jordan 1 High Gg Ghost Green 2
Air Jordan 1 High Gg Ghost Green 3
Air Jordan 1 High Gg Ghost Green 4
Air Jordan 1 High Gg Ghost Green 5

Air Jordan 1 Gs (Ghost Green)

I remember one time when I was at school, beloved ruffian 'Pecker' was delivering an atomic wedgie to a little squeak of a kid while I hurled toasted sandwiches at squeak's face. A pensive student named Thommy Saker stood in the corner wearing a wry smile and mused, 'We're gonna look back on these days as the best of our lives.' I halted my sandwich lobbing for a second and considered his words – could this really be the pinnacle? Is this really all that life was offering to me? Maybe if I had been wearing a pair of stupid fresh kiddie-exclusive Js on my feet, it would have been the peak. But I wasn't, I was wearing tattered black school shoes. So Thank You Based God, for enabling me to feel that my life has improved with the passage of time, not decayed, and has actually imbued me with a heightened awareness of how to get dipped. These Air Jordan 1s are available now at select stockists in children's sizes, including Sneaker Politics.

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