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Air Jordan 1 (Bred/BAPE Custom)

Sneaker customizer Jack The Ripper has fed an Air Jordan 1 ‘Bred’ and a Bapesta through a Hadron collider to create a black hole in our pockets. It may seem an intuitive custom – the Bapesta’s wrap-around shooting star logo is informed by models like the Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 1 – but an undertaking like this is still ambitious. Taking on two of the greats is virtually inviting scorn from aficionados, but Jack The Ripper killed it.

The infamous Bred colourway has been covered with Bape’s 1st camo, abounding over the rich red and black to guarantee a double take. Deer leather lines the inner, while the upper seems to channel the AJ1 KO with thick canvas.

It’s likely this was a one-off but, if you like what you see, you can contact Jack The Ripper on his official site. He can surely do something similar for you – it’s just gonna cost a pretty penny.

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