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Air Force 1 High Joins Nike's 'Just Do It' Pack

For such an emphatic slogan, ‘Just Do It’ sure is taking its time when it comes to the ‘Just Do It’ pack.

To celebrate the tagline’s 30th anniversary, Nike are releasing a series of classic models each plastered with the famous three-word command.

We’ve previewed Air Max 1s (here and here) Air Max 95s (here and here), and now in rolls an Air Force 1 High. Tiny ‘Just Do It’ print wraps every inch of the upper, save for the Swoosh. A plain white ankle strap and sole unit lend this design a cohesiveness and balance not afforded to the others; however, each member of the pack has its own appeal.

This leak comes via US11, with no release info attached at this stage. We’ll update you when more news comes in.

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