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Afew Are Holding the Mother of All Colab Restocks!
Release: 21 October 2018

Colourway: N/A

The crew at Afew are some of the best collaborators in the game. The Düsseldorf sneaker spot has a flawless track record for impeccable colabs — we're talking all killer, no filler! In fact, the only bad thing we can say about their releases is that they always sell out way too damn fast!

Thankfully, to coincide with the store's 10th anniversary, the Afew crew are keen to celebrate with us and have one hell of a birthday treat in-store. On October 20, Afew will be dropping 100 bottles of German-made gin in collaboration with Cliff Goat and a 10th anniversary recap publication. More importantly though, they will be restocking every significant Afew colab from the last 10 years — even friends and family drops!

The 'Koi' GEL-Lyte IIIs, 'The Cure' V7000s, the recent 'Mighty Forest' Coil-R1s and more will all be up for grabs at their original retail price — all for far, far less than what they are trading for on the resale market. Head to Afew's site for the full list of drops.

The colabs will be released by in-store raffle first on October 20, at 9am, with remaining stock available online on October 21. Don't miss out!

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