Adidas Zx 8000 Ss14 Pack Thumb
Adidas Zx 8000 Ss14 Pack 4
Adidas Zx 8000 Ss14 Pack
Adidas Zx 8000 Ss14 Pack 3
Adidas Zx 8000 Ss14 Pack 2
Adidas Zx 8000 Ss14 Pack 1

adidas Zx 8000 Ss14 Pack

With this year marking the 25th anniversary since the 1989 birth of the adidas ZX 8000, we can expect to see a gang of new iterations of the teched-out, Torision-infused silhouette. Back in '89 when the Berlin Wall finally came crashing down, upon the reuniting of East and West Germany the government introduced a stimulus package. One of the most popular things the people spent their newfound coin on was the all-new fandangled adidas ZX 8000, making it a symbolism of freedom and democracy... fact! Now in 2014 we are still being treated with bring-backs of the old faithful, including this Spring/Summer triple pack comprising a trio of bright and bubbly colourways. Check them in the gallery above and snatch 'em up from select adidas retailers globally, including Tokyo's atmos.

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