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adidas YZY BSKTBL Knit 'Slate Blue'
adidas YZY BSKTBL Knit 'Slate Blue'
adidas YZY BSKTBL Knit 'Slate Blue'
adidas YZY BSKTBL Knit 'Slate Blue'
adidas YZY BSKTBL Knit 'Slate Blue'

Where to Buy the YZY BSKTBL Knit 'Slate Blue'
Release: 16 December 2021

Style Code: GV8294

News on this release was first published on December 15, 2021.

Update December 16: The YZY BSKTBL Knit 'Slate Blue' will experience an imminent drop today! Here's where to buy it.

Kanye West
and adidas are putting some late-year points on the board with the YZY BSKTBL Knit 'Slate Blue'. It first released via a Yeezy Supply shock drop at the tail end of November, and now it's set for a more comprehensive release in North America, Europe, Greater China and the APAC region.

What makes this Yeezy hoop-meets-lifestyle shoe interesting is its blend of fresh and familiar pieces. The upper is made of stretchy-yet-sturdy Primeknit, with the highest collar we've seen on any Yeezy that's not a boot to date and an elongated lacing system. There's also a myriad of different textures, ranging from a ridged mid-foot to a flecked forefoot and smooth heel. Down below, however, the BOOST-packed midsole and large heel clip seem to be taken directly from the Yeezy Quantum, save for a slightly more extreme curvature at the forefoot.

There's no word on the YZY BSKTBL Knit's actual hoops performance as of yet (we'd love to see a wear test review), but we do know that its full release is going down on December 16 via the adidas web store, Yeezy Supply, and a handful of retailers with high-level adidas accounts like BSTN. Expect to shell out $300 if you're interested in getting your hands on a pair.

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